An Oven & Grill factory with the production of only frozen premium products

Den Svenska Matfabriken offers all food wholesalers and brand owners a unique opportunity to produce the food of the future without having to invest in their own production facilities. Private Label Food manufacturing – on your terms.

Taste lab - taste of the future!

What do the trends look like and which food will be tomorrow's winner? At the taste lab, we are constantly testing new dishes and exciting flavors

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Food with great flavors

We feel a great commitment to our work and think it is important that our end product is just as useful and good as we ourselves strive for.

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Factory Tour

A warm welcome on a tour of our factory and see how we together with our customers develop and produce exciting new dishes.

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About us

We cherish Swedish food and Swedish food culture for its quality, flavors and craftsmanship. But we want more than that. We want to be a modern food factory that also stands for innovation, development and environmental commitment. In order to assist our customers in the best way, we have specialized in the development and production of frozen ready meals in medium-sized series. In our own taste lab, we can help elevate dishes to better and more interesting quality products.

Let's meet the challenges together and create the food of the future!

Our offer

We offer all brand owners and food wholesalers a unique opportunity to start production of frozen ready meals without having to invest in their own facilities. We assist in the entire chain with everything from advice, raw materials, taste & tests to full-scale production and packaging. In addition, we are happy to help create added value in matters of raw materials, origin, nutritional content and environmental and sustainability aspects.

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The tasting lab - the food of the future is prepared here!

Locally produced, organic, vegetarian? What do your customers look like and what do they like? At the heart of our factory is our unique tasting lab. An own lab with professional chefs who help test your wishes regarding ingredients, flavors, textures and durability. We give tips and advice on how to develop and improve food that will meet tomorrow's tough challenges.

Always three flavor suggestions

At the taste lab, we are constantly testing different solutions to our customers' wishes. Please contact us early so we can contribute with our knowledge and experience. Something that can make a big difference when you turn to new markets and customer groups. To guarantee a good end product, our customers are offered three flavor suggestions to choose from.

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Quality & Environment

Production quality

We run a quality-assured production that meets all applicable requirements according to certificate FSSC 22000. Personnel with many years of experience in food and food production guarantee a safe, stable production. To ensure the quality of the food, we also carry out regular checks on things such as temperatures, consistency and durability.

Extra Premium Quality

We know that people today are interested in where the raw materials come from, who is behind them and how they are handled. In order to be at the forefront and meet the interest in these matters, we work with our own quality philosophy. Extra Prima Quality means that we make an effort to maintain high quality also in the more value-based issues around origin, environment & sustainability as well as the handling of transport.

Read more about our quality work (certificate FSSC 22000) on this PDF link ..

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Business areas

Minced meat products

Various minced meat products make up a large part of our production. Products such as meatballs, pan steak and hamburgers are the most common.

Vegetarian products

Vegetarian food is a category nowadays with strong demand. Today we produce various types of vegetarian steaks, but several new products are under development.

Eggs & milk products

In this category, we currently mainly produce oven pancakes and pork pancakes.

Special products

Here we offer our customers to develop and produce dishes with more specific requests. We also provide so-called "total responsibility" for customers who have an idea and product but need help with tests/tastes, quality, production, packaging and transport to reach larger markets.

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The Team


Claes Eriksson

+46(0)76-724 73 40

X2 Sv 1

Kenneth Thörnberg

Chairman of the Board
+46(0)70-685 19 26

Factory Tour – make a company visit with us.

A warm welcome on a tour of our factory and see how we together with our customers develop and produce exciting new dishes.



We at the electricity company Bixia work for a world powered solely by renewable electricity. We do this by purchasing locally produced electricity from local electricity producers and by helping our customers make sustainable and conscious choices. The Swedish Food Factory has chosen a unique environmental product where we can guarantee that all electricity originates from Jan Johansson's wind power at Vistena farm in Skänninge, it doesn't get more locally produced than that! Through this choice, Den Svenska Matfabriken directly benefits the local electricity producer and contributes to promoting the development of renewable electricity production. We want it to be easy to do the right thing and it is together that we can change the world in the right direction.

”Den Svenska Matfabriken impresses me with its ability to constantly develop environmentally and sustainable dishes. Their treatment and professionalism are top class!”
Michael Strang, Account manager

Aviko Norden

Aviko Norden is the Nordic region's leading supplier of potatoes and root vegetables - directly from the ground or refined with taste and finesse. We deliver the raw materials to restaurants, commercial kitchens and grocery stores.

"The Swedish Food Factory in Mantorp is a top facility for deep-freeze production. They have a flexible and professional approach and focus on product, climate and environment."
Johan Uematsu, Aviko Norden

Kronägg AB

Kronägg saw the light of day as early as 1932 and is one of the leading companies in the egg sector in the country. Our three keywords efficiency at all levels, forward-thinking and taking responsibility permeate the business and a development group within the group works continuously to develop new innovative products for tomorrow.

"Kronägg has been working together with Svenska Matfabriken for 12 months. Our shared vision is to produce climate-smart dishes over the next 3 years. We are very happy about the collaboration and it feels like we have together found a positive way forward towards more sustainable food production"
Bengt Göran Andersson, Division Manager

Food with great flavors

Food is a very important part of life for many of us. We feel a great commitment to our work and think it is important that our end product is just as useful and good as we ourselves strive for. On this page, we want to contribute with inspiration and show some of our dishes.

Get inspired!