Environment & sustainability

In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, we have started a transport partnership to be able to offer "green transport". Today, all vehicles are HVO-classified, which means that they use a special biodiesel that reduces the emission of greenhouse gases by up to 90% compared to traditional fuels.

We collaborate with Mjölby municipality for responsible management of our water. By mapping incoming water, we can optimize our needs very precisely, which means that no unnecessary excess water is taken into production. When it comes to waste water, we have special grease separators that guarantee an environmentally safe waste water.

Green electricity from Bixia

In close cooperation with Bixia AB, we want to take responsibility for our energy consumption in an environmentally sustainable manner. Our total electricity needs are today produced at a small wind power plant owned by the potato merchant Jan Johansson at Vistena Gård outside Skänninge. A rewarding collaboration that we are very proud to stand behind.

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